Kids BJJ Curriculum

Children’s BJJ Curriculum at Borehamwood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club

The kids program here at Borehamwood BJJ Club differs from the way we teach adults. The techniques remain more or less the same however we focus more closely on the core basics at every belt level.  The program also includes specific self defence techniques.

Students are awarded stripes based on attendance. Upon completion of the required minimum number of attendances, they are eligible (at the discretion of the instructor) to be tested for their next belt level.

White belt (0 to 4 stripes)
At this belt level, students will learn the basics of body movement both when standing and when on the ground. We introduce to them the concept of positional strategy. A number of more commonly faced self defence scenarios are taught, for example escape from headlocks and hair grabs. Sparring is introduced. Submissions are introduced but the main priority is on understanding position so in most cases, white belts spar but without submissions.

Grey Belt System (grey+white, solid grey, grey+black: four stripes each belt)
As the student progresses, the techniques taught will advance on the basic fundamentals taught at white belt. There is more emphasis on transitions from one position to another and we begin to look at submissions in closer detail. Work on standing and ground based self defence scenarios continues as well as sparring. Sparring from set positions and sparring with specific submissions are also taught.

Yellow Belt System (yellow+white, solid yellow, yellow+black)
At yellow level, students expected to have a good understanding and be able to apply core basic techniques. They will be able to apply them when sparring and begin to utilise gameplan, strategy and tactics for sport jiu jitsu. There is more training on advanced guard and guard passing systems, submissions, transitions and other more advanced aspects as well as a continued study of self defensive scenarios.

Orange belt and Green belt system
Currently at Borehamwood BJJ, students who reach orange belt will more than likely be old enough to join the adults class (13-14 years old). They will therefore follow the adult syllabus, albeit with special caution over techniques that are banned for under 16’s by the IBJJF system.

Beyond the junior belt system
There is no recognised grade of BJJ black belt for juniors. At the age of 16, junior students move on to adult belt system. In general, a student who has trained regularly for several years and is at least an orange belt, will be promoted to blue belt on the year of their 16th birthday. They are eligible to compete in juvenile blue belt categories, but not full adult divisions until they are 18.

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