Fundamental BJJ Classes

Fundamentals classes at Borehamwood BJJ Club are designed to equip complete newcomers and those rising through the ranks with the chance to drill core movements, techniques and concepts that are fundamental to the main BJJ program.

Listed below is a broad list of concepts and techniques that we will cover, it is subject to change and alteration:

Basic movements
These are mainly practiced as part of our opening warm up drills:
Breakfalling / hip escapes aka shrimping / bridging / framing (layers of the guard using arms) / technical stand up / butt scooting / windshield wipers / guard retention (step over, half granby).

Survival on the ground
Protecting your elbows and neck / removing grips / avoiding the crossface / trying to get your legs in the way / strong shape-weak shape / home alone / hair combing / crossed arms defence.

Basic control positions
Four corners principle / Mount / side control / back control / north-south / knee on belly / guard / base / posture

Submissions and attacking principles
Joint attacks / strangulation attacks / ‘position before submission’ concept / sweeps / combination attacks

The guard
Closed guard / breaking posture / defending and attacking from guard / angles of attack / submissions / open guards / half guards / breaking closed guard / passing opened guard

While it is possible to submit someone when both of you are standing up, grapplers will seek to impose positional dominance by taking down their opponent. Takedowns, throws, arm drags, step unders, clinching and guard pulls.

Non-sporting Jiu jitsu 
BJJ was originally devised as a self defence method. We explore some of the key techniques where one can apply BJJ techniques against an aggressor who seeks to harm us using any method.
Distancing, clinchwork, shoots and takedowns against a puncher. Side control, guard and mount versus puncher. The best position against frantic thrashing: back control. Inappropriate techniques: eg they stand up when u triangle, when they are biting or eye poking, generally thrashing around. Some cheats: nose bar, fist to throat, knee on chest/neck face etc.

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